Custom beats

Create your own custom beats with exclusive license only for you to use, make sure no one else has it.
You can send us your ideas in midi or audio files to get a better picture of what you are up to and looking for. Or we can discuss your vision and start making music together from the ground up.

Mixing & mastering

We will professionally mix your song to the highest quality and potential to fully match your vision and requirements. We ensure that the highest sound quality is achieved across all music distribution platforms
(Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Amazon etc.).

The full mixing process takes only couple of days once all of the necessary files to begin are provided.


Recording & tracking is one of the most crucial part for your songs. If the tracking is bad, it is really hard to fix it later in the mixing or mastering stage. So we really pay attention to this segment and make sure the tracking is as good as possible.

We cooperate with a professional tracking studio which is also located in Prague.
So we are able to record there instruments (drums, strings etc.) which are more demanding to track as well, if needed.